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About Etac

For more than forty years, Etac has developed products and services that creates possibilities for users and caregivers. Today we can offer a wide range of solutions for mobility with manual wheelchairs, advanced seating solutions, solutions for patient transfer and vital solutions needed for everyday life including classic products for bathing and toilet. We also provide a world-class state of the art range of solutions for pediatric use.

All our products are developed in close cooperation with rehab professionals, industrial designers and users. The result is ergonomic design and high quality products that are unique in the market.

Durability and quality 

All our products have one thing in common – they are the best in terms of quality, simplicity, function, reliability and design that the market has to offer. Our commitment to provide the best in quality and innovation has positioned Etac as the brand of today and of the future.

Safety in every detail

Every product detail is designed to ensure well-being and safety. Etac provides safe solutions, which give a high sense of comfort and functionality. We strive to retain the cutting edge in design and function. Our vision is that everyone should be able to live a free and independent life and pursue their dreams regardless of any physical circumstances. Welcome to the world of Etac, where Immedia is an important part!

Winning design for four decades

Etac products are developed in close cooperation with industrial designers, rehab staff and users. This has resulted in an ergonomic design and quality that is unique in the market. A distinguished confirmation that we have succeeded are all design awards we have received, both Scandinavian and international.


Etac design awards


“All our products are developed in
close cooperation with rehab professionals,
industrial designers and users."

- Torben Helbo. CEO, Etac AB