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More than 40 years of setting new standards

The humanitarian basic view is profound and has a long tradition within Etac. It has its origin in the pioneering social efforts of Elise Ottesen-Jensen, founder of our company owner RFSU, in the early 1930’s. To finance the educational mission, RFSU started to sell a few technical aids. These products were, however, not very attractive. In 1972 this gave birth to the idea of developing own, attractive and functional products of better quality under the name RFSU Rehab.

Already from the start the products were developed with the user´s needs as basis, in close co-operation with industrial designers. The result was products with form and function which by far surpassed the standard at the time.

Therapists made our products a success

Therapists were hired to provide better in-house knowledge of the user’s everyday life. This is a decision we are very glad to have taken. They knew what was missing in the healthcare business, and soon many new technical aids were produced. Our home care products became an immediate success.

A young inventive man who changed Etac

In 1977 a young man working on the family farm had an accident with a tractor which overturned. The accident resulted in a spinal injury. His active nature was incompatible with the wheelchairs of the time and soon he started to make his own wheelchairs. Etac recognized his skill and hired him as a Product Manager. With his experience and knowledge as basis Etac developed and introduced one of the first active wheelchairs to the market.


Etac creates possibilities since 1973


Etac aquires Convaid. Convaid Products, Inc. is a California US-based
manufacturer of custom-made, compact-folding,lightweight, adaptive-
assisted wheelchairs.


Etac launches Etac Prio comfort wheelchair.


Etac becomes fully owned by Nordstjernan.


Etac aquires R82, worldleader of producing technical aids and
appliances for disabled children.


Etac aquires Molift, creator of the first battery-powered patient
lift in the world.


Etac aquires Immedia, manufacturer of manual transfer products.


Etac aquires HandPro, manufacturer of the powerchair Balder.


Etac launches Cross, the first multifunctional cross folding
wheelchair in the world.


Etac launches Nova, the first four wheeled walker with front
wheels swivel in the world.


RFSU Rehab, later renamed Etac, is founded.