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Etac in brief

Founded 1973
Turnover 1,3 billion SEK
Employees 700 persons

Fully owned sales companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and USA. Distributing partner companies in many other parts of the world. Production and storage facilities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Owner of R82 since December 2011.
Headquarters in Kista, Stockholm.

Our companies 


undefined Etac U.K.

Sales operations in the United Kingdom.
Power wheelchairs:
Wheelchairs, Transfer, Bathing & Toileting and ADL products: www

Etac US

Sales operations in the USA.
Main office in Charlotte.
Web page:


undefined Etac Holland

Sales operations in the Netherlands.
Main office in Alkmaar.
Web page:


undefined Etac Gmbh

Sales operations in Germany.
Main office in Marl.
Web page:


 undefined Etac Sverige AB

Sales operations in Sweden.
Main office in Kista, Stockholm.
Web page:


undefined Etac A/S

Sales operations in Denmark. 
Main office in Horsens.
Web page: 


undefined Etac AS 

Sales operations and Car adaptions in Norway.
Main office in Moss.
Web page:


undefined R82 A/S


R82 produces technical aids and appliances for disabled children and young people throughout the whole world. Based in Denmark with Subsidiary Companies and Sales Representatives in England, Holland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and the USA, we develop products tailored to individual needs. 

R82 is a part of Etac since december 2011. 
Address: Parallelvej 3, Gedved, Denmark.


Supplying units

undefined Etac Supply Center AB

Supplying unit for the Etac wheelchair, bathing & toileting and ADL product ranges.
Address: Etac Supply Center AB, Långgatan 12, Anderstorp, Sweden.

undefined Etac AS

Supplying unit for the Molift transfer product range:
Address: Etac AS, Hadelandsveien 2, Gjøvik, Norway.

Supplying unit for the Balder power wheelchair product range:
Address: Gigstadsvei 22, Hønefoss, Norway.

undefined Etac Immedia A/S

Supplying unit for the Immedia manual transfer product range.
Address: Etac Immedia A/S, Egeskovvej 12HorsensDenmark.


undefined R82 A/S

Supplying unit for the R82 junior product range.

Address: Parallelvej 3, Gedved, Denmark.