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The Etac Group is a leading developer of mobility equipment and solutions in Northern Europe. Our strength and competitive edge are based on our combination of design, products and capabilities. We aim for innovative function and excellent Scandinavian design and this is enabled through a unique portfolio of product brands.



Etac provides home health care products that help people with their daily living routines regardless of their physical circumstances. Every person is unique and our wheelchairs are designed to meet individual needs and strengthen capacity. Our bathroom equipment stretches from stylish shower stools and toilet seat raisers to advanced tiltable shower commodes. Etac product range also includes smart products that make every day activities easier and help individuals with impaired mobility to continue to live independently.

Find Etac products at Bathing and showeringMobile Shower CommodesToiletingSmall Aids for Daily Living and Wheelchairs.



Immedia has solutions for the majority of users for horizontal positioning and transfers. From the simplest to the most advanced solutions. Immedia manual transfer products ensure safe and comfortable positioning and transfer for all type of users, and give caregivers an optimal working environment.

›       Increase quality in care

›       Minimize the risk of injuries of the caregiver

›       The products encourage the user to participate in the moving and handling act

Find Immedia products at Manual Transfer.


Star is an US based Etac company developing air cell seat cushions and mattresses. Products used both for positioning needs and to redistribute pressure from sensitive areas. With different design solution Star has developed the air cell technology by adding stability to the Star seat cushions. Star has been a part of Etac since October 2016.

Find Star products at Pressure Care



Molift hoists and slings reduces the need to do heavy manual handling and lifting through unique solutions. Molift products are designed to give users the best support and caregivers an optimal working environment. 

›       Reduces the need to do heavy manual handling and lifting through unique solutions

›       Gives disabled people safe, efficient and comfortable transfer solutions.

Find Molift products at Hoist and slings.


In December 2015 Etac acquired Convaid Products, Inc., a California US-based manufacturer of custom-made, compact-folding, lightweight, adaptive-assisted wheelchairs. Convaid’s strengths are in design, manufacturing and marketing of pediatric products, which fulfil a clear niche in the mobility market. Combined with our R82 offering we aim to improve the lives of children with special needs and the families around these children.




Through the years R82 has developed into a strong international brand within children’s rehabilitation. R82’s wide range of products with countless customizing options enable child participation in all daily activities. Families, caregivers and most of all children benefit from our products every day.

R82 has been a part of Etac since December 2011 and is based in Denmark with subsidiary companies and sales representatives in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. 

R82 has been a part of Etac since December 2011. 

Address: Parallelvej 3, Gedved, Denmark.