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Etac Tax Strategy

Etac in brief

Etac is a leading developer of mobility equipment and solutions in Northern Europe and one of a handful of leading players on the global scene with 900 employees.

Etac operates sales companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States and has an extensive network of distributors in over 40 other markets around the world.

Etac offers a wide range of highly effective and well-designed mobility solutions aimed at short and long-term care for home, hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Our solutions enable the user to enjoy living at home while remaining optimally active and promote an optimal working environment for the caregiver, reducing the number of caregivers needed per user.

Etac recognize a role as a responsible taxpayer. The tax strategy below is followed by our UK entity in relation to tax.

Risk management and governance in relation to UK taxation

The ultimate responsibility for the taxation affair of our UK entity is held by the parent company in Denmark. More detailed oversight of UK taxation and day-to day management of tax matters are delegated to the UK company which is supported in its duties by our external adviser who assists in meeting our UK tax obligations and compliance processes.

Together with external adviser, the Accounting Manager in the Danish parent company identifies local risks for R82 UK Ltd continuously even though the main analysis is done at the year end.

If necessary R82 UK Ltd together with the Danish parent company raises queries to the Head office in Sweden and Swedish tax advisors. These questions concern mainly Transfer Pricing and testing of the UK tax towards the Transfer Pricing Study and relevant Bench mark study.

Level of risk and attitude towards tax planning

Etac Group try to minimize tax risk with a process of periodical reconciliations and taking advice on relevant tax matters. Etac Group work with tax as a part of our commercial activity in UK and we want to align all decisions with our objectives and legal obligations.

Etac has the intention to ensure that we follow UK tax laws across all taxes and we want to have a good and open cooperation with HMRC to resolve and reach agreements in queries raised to us.


This strategy is published on behalf of all relevant entities under paragraph 19(2) Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016.


21 December 2017