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Ability Based Seating™ is an approach based on clinical acknowledgement and empirical references. It is also a guidance to the role of assistive devices, suggesting that the level of support shall be optimised to strengthen the individual´s ability level. Working “Ability Based” is a mindset with a straight line into the very core of Etac’s Scandinavian rehab heart.

Find out more about how seeking abilities was a part of our philosophy from the start, and how to optimize Etac Cross 5 and Etac Prio wheelchairs for different kind of body shapes:

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Abilities are perishable – Use them or lose them!
Bo Lindqvist, Etac wheelchair designer, has made his dream: to improve his abilities possible for all Etac wheelchair users. Through constant development, adding new possibilities...


Optimize the wheelchair for different body shapes
We all look different. To maximize sitting tolerance, the support must be individually shaped and...