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Case Stories

23. Aug. 2018.

This library of case stories provides engaging evidence and insight into how Etac products deliver proven benefits to both commercial purchasers and domestic users.

Ian Lamb and the StarLock Air cell cushion

Ian had to spend hours each day on best rest due to a grade 4 pressure ulcer which wouldn't heal. When he started to use the StarLock, the pressure ulcer started to heal after only 2 weeks.

Ian Lamb case story

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Philip Bryant and the Molift Air 200

Philip Bryant, 70, and his wife Sandra have discovered the indispensable support of a Molift room-to-room ceiling track hoist system at their home in Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire.

Philip Bryant Case Story

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Georgia Moore and the Etac Prio

Georgia Moore, aged 14 from Cambridgeshire, is a positive and enthusiastic disabled young lady who is benefiting from the ability to relax and be active with a pioneering multi-positional wheelchair – the Prio from Etac.

Georgia Moore Case Story

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Phillip Carroll and the Molift Smart 150 Hoist

25-year-old, Phillip Carroll, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy uses the portable Molift Smart 150 hoist when he travels to Duchenne and Muscular Dystrophy conferences around the world.

Phillip Carroll Case Story

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Kate Davies and the Etac Turner

Through the initial rehabilitative qualities of the Etac Turner stand aid, Kate Davies, aged 45 from Blanefield Scotland, has now built a thriving knitwear business and publishing company after experiencing a stroke.

Kate Davies Case Story

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Kate Davies and Andrew King


Vegro and the Etac Swift shower chair

Based in Lisse, The Netherlands, Vegro is a social enterprise which supplies and re-issues a wide range of daily living aids to both professional organisations and private customers. Vegro has an efficient deep cleaning, quality control, storage and dispatch facility which chooses the quality Etac Swift Shower Chair as it is proven to deliver long term re-issue reliability and value.

Vegro Case Story

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