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Etac Education Workbooks

Our new interactive workbooks take a detailed look at our products. With contributions by healthcare professionals and links to research, videos and case studies, they are a great learning tool.

In-bed Systems Workbook »

This interactive workbook looks at the complete in-bed system for turning and positioning users with a range of needs. It includes "How To" videos, a look at single-handed care, bariatric users, incontinent users, pressure care, optimal positioning and safe transfers.

Smart 150 Workbook »

This interactive workbook looks at the Molift Smart 150, the lightweight and portable hoist. The workbook includes a case story from a user and their carer who have used the hoist and wanted to share their stories as to how it has helped enrich their lives. 

Sit to Stand Solutions »

Standing and raising aids to enable users to stand up from a bed, chair, toilet or wheelchair for transfer. Our new interactive workbook takes a detailed look at sit to stand solutions to suit a wide range of needs and their carers ranging from those with mildly restricted mobility through to users with very limited ability to stand. It includes a new case study for the Turner Pro and information about our new Raiser Pro. 

Toileting and Bathing Workbook »

This workbook looks at considerations when choosing toileting and bathing equipment and at the range of products we offer to suit all ages and ability levels as well as the needs of carers.

We have contributions by Advanced Practitioner OT, Helena Poulton and look at how to reduce the workload for carers as well as offering advice on transferring. Also, find out more about how our product design and development is based on users experiences.

Cross 5 Workbook »

We look at the unparalleled range of adjustments this wheelchair offers so it can be tailored to individual needs and different levels of ability. Also the importance of stability and postural control. We have "How To" videos as well as two very different case studies. We also look at options for safe transfer.

The workbook includes links to videos, additional information and clinical signposts as well as contributions from Bengt Engstrom, physiotherapist and seating consultant.