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Bathroom Safety and Ergonomics Workshops

A series of 3 practical, hands on workshops look at 3 user ability levels. These can be combined them into 1 workshop if preferred.

  1. High ability – walking with/without a walker

  2. Medium ability – wheelchair independent/assisted transfers

  3. Low ability – needs assistance from bed to bathroom

The needs, safety and comfort of the care giver are also considered.


Outline of workshop

  • Why use assistive devices in the bathroom

    • Cost savings/investment

    • Improved quality of life for users and care givers

    • Falls prevention – planning from bed to bathroom

  • A look at assistive devices for the

    • Toilet

    • Shower

    • Bath

  • Transferring to the bathroom and within the bathroom – how can safety and ergonomics be improved for users (whatever their level of ability) and care givers


Workshop Objectives

  • Finding different solutions based on the user ability level and living conditions

  • Safety issues when assembling and using the devices

  • Comparing different ergonomic techniques for using the devices

  • Transferring between activities in the bathroom

  • Other improvements that can be made to the bathroom

We can tailor our workshops to suit your needs and timings so contact us to discuss your requirements.



To book your workshop, please contact our Customer Services Team or your Area Sales Manager.

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