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Sit to Stand Solutions Workshop

The objective for safe manual handling is to reduce injuries for care staff whenever possible and to make transfer solutions safe and comfortable for the user. This workshop looks to maximise the user’s ability to safely stand while using the appropriate level of equipment.


• To assist the carer and/or healthcare professional to choose the appropriate equipment to give the right level of support for the client in sit to stand transfers
• To provide safe and comfortable solutions, easy to use for both recipient and care staff.
• Provide training in the safe use of the equipment

With the introduction of a suitable piece of equipment, following a risk assessment, there may be an opportunity to reduce the number of carers needed to support someone with their daily living activities. This introduces opportunities for more flexibility with the provision of their care packages.

Using the right equipment can increase comfort for users and caregivers, reduce costs and increase client independence.


A series of demonstrations are carried out using the most up-to-date, practical and cost-effective Etac solutions for moving a person as follows:
• Sit to stand transfers with one carer
• Sit to stand transfers with two carers
• Adjusting clothing and carrying out personal care tasks while standing a client
• Repositioning a client in their chair or wheelchair
• Transferring clients with mild difficulties in weight bearing
• Transferring clients with inconsistent weight bearing ability and poor mobility
• Transferring clients with minimal weight bearing ability
• Considerations of the working environment for sit to stand transfers

After the talk and demonstrations, there will be an opportunity to practise the solutions demonstrated and to ask questions.


To book your workshop, please contact our Customer Services Team or your Area Sales Manager.

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