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NEW Solutions for Plus Size People

The new Molift Air 500 Hoist and the RgoSling MediumBack Plus are for plus size users up to 500 kgs.

The Molift Air 500 is a ceiling hoist for plus size users up to 500 kg. It is designed to eliminate strenuous manual lifting, create a better work environment for carers and enable good and dignified care for plus size users. Smooth rail transitions and gentle starts and stops ensure the most comfortable and effective lifts and transfers for users while ensuring that they feel secure and supported at every stage.The outstanding lifting capacity and the user friendly design make this hoist an important aid in the healthcare sector.


RgoSling MediumBack Plus is a comfortable sling with full-body support for users weighing from 160 kg with a safe working load of 500 kgs. It provides full body support, has a split leg opening and six straps with fixed loops at four heights. If head support is needed, a separate headrest can be used in combination with the sling.