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Design is in the detail: Key considerations for selecting effective assistive equipment

03. Jan. 2020.

During 2020 we will be highlighting why specific Etac product ranges excel worldwide.

Multimedia activity will illustrate the design details that all synergise to provide award-winning assistive solutions that empower disabled individuals, families and carers. By evaluating these elements, professionals and end users will be able to identify the key characteristics to consider when selecting effective equipment. Many may view products from various manufacturers as similar whereas they are not, quality design and subsequent value is all in the detail.

We will start by highlighting the design details that combine to deliver exceptional hygiene products.


Why Etac is a design specialist

Etac is a world-leading manufacturer of ergonomic assistive devices and patient handling equipment. Our passion focuses on delivering solutions that optimise quality of life for disabled individuals, their families and caregivers. Etac Group brands offer equipment that supports walking, sitting, standing, toileting, hygiene, transfers, pressure management and daily living.

We offer state-of-the-art products for a wide range of needs and care settings – for all stages of life. Whether solutions are for children or elderly people, our aim is to enhance individual abilities and facilitate safe working environments for carers – through sustainable quality, functionality and design. Our products are developed in close co-operation with rehab professionals, industrial designers and end users so ergonomics are optimised in a unique way. This external expertise and feedback is vital for us so every detail can be carefully scrutinised during R&D with the view to providing the most effective solutions for care and support.

Our commitment over the past four decades has resulted in unsurpassed client satisfaction across the globe and numerous international award wins. With a pioneering spirit and innovative mindset, we will continue to create possibilities for all.