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Many chairs on the market have raised edges or side panels that make access difficult for carers 

People often tell us that ease of access is one of the most important factors in facilitating care tasks for those who assist users with personal hygiene. Swift Mobile was designed to provide easy access without unnecessary details or edges that get in the way. Over the years, many users have confirmed that that is exactly what it does. But even good things can be better.

A difficult work environment for the carer is also undignified for the user

We went out and asked questions, to which we received clear answers: care staff made it clear that the most difficult and awkward aspect for them was access when assisting users with personal hygiene. This is because it's difficult to get to the areas that need washing the most, they can't work in an ergonomic way and they can't see what they are doing. If the user can see that the carer is having problems with access and is finding it difficult to assist them, they may find this both unpleasant and undignified.

We must provide a chair that works for both the user in the chair and the carer who is assisting them. In the case of the user, we focus a lot on comfort, safety and enabling a good sitting position but also on ensuring that the carer can assist the user in a comfortable and dignified manner. If the carer can gain access easily, without unnecessary lifting or uncomfortable bending in unnatural positions, this will make a big difference to the user too. Being able to get help with showering easily without anything getting in the way is more dignified.

Swift Mobil-2 has a brand new seat, which really makes things easier

The seat is flat, has a recess at the front and a rear opening. The opening at the back means that the carer doesn't have to bend down too far. It's easier to assist with showering and to see what you are doing. The recess at the front facilitates access from the front, and the flatness of the seat prevents the user from slipping down and ending up in a slumped position on the seat, which would limit access and reduce comfort. 

If the user can carry out personal hygiene activities independently or can assist in any way, it's important for them to be able to gain access with ease and without having to change position and with minimal effort. The flat seat, the recess at the front, combined with the open access all around make this possible. The design of the seat makes it easy to perform daily hygiene tasks from behind or from the side... 

Superior comfort

The new seat on the Swift Mobil-2 has been designed to be comfortable both for men and women. Generally speaking, the width of the pelvis in men and women is different. On average, the distance between the sitting bones (Ischial tuberosity spacing) is 20 mm longer in women than it is in men. The seat opening must be designed in such a way that everyone can sit comfortably.

When we created the new seat, we asked a large number of men and women to rate seats with different openings and designs to find out which design was the most comfortable.

A seat with an opening has many functions. Ideally, it should relieve pressure, facilitate the activity of  toileting  and enable good access for hygiene tasks. That is how we designed the seat on the Swift Mobil-2! The seat's opening is also at its widest right at the back and has large rounded ends. This is designed to provide optimum comfort both when sitting upright and when sitting with the pelvis in posterior tilt. It is flat at the front, which is helpful as it reduces the risk of internal rotation of the hips, which can put additional pressure on the sitting bones.

Unique Etac Easy-Clean pattern

The main purpose of the patterning on the seat is to provide friction and to make the seat comfortable and safe, but clearly it must also be easy to clean. Traditional friction patterns on hygiene products do just that, but recently there have been greater demands from the care sector to make seats easier to clean. That's why we've developed a brand new pattern which is easy to clean but still provides the same level of friction and comfort. The difference is clear when you magnify the patterns and compare them. The new pattern has no sharp edges and nowhere that dirt can get trapped. It has rounded ends and smooth, wide surfaces that are easier to clean. All in an effort to ensure that dirt has nowhere to hide. To ensure optimum comfort, we've also made the seat completely smooth in the vicinity of the opening, where the most sensitive parts take the weight while sitting. We call the new seat structure "Etac Easy-Clean"

For extra sensitive users we have new soft comfort seats

Sensitive and bare skin may need extra softness, an adapted design and a comfortable surface to prevent soreness.

We have designed new ultrasoft comfort seats. The cushions are made of porous foam and have a durable, waterproof surface, providing optimum softness for those who need it. But it's not only the material and softness that are important in terms of comfort, it's also the design and the pattern on the surface. The new cushions have a matt, velvety patterning that provides good friction and makes the seat feel even softer. At the same time, the surface is hygienic and easy to clean.

The cushions are rounded in design and are open at the back, and the higher version is shaped to fit the body with support for the thighs. This causes a slight flexing of the hips, which provides additional support when the user needs to push. The design, surface and material enable both good positioning and effective pressure redistribution

New soft comfort seats, shaped with rear opening, 2 cm and 4 cm high.

Current comfort seats, closed at the back, will remain in the assortment, 2 cm and 4 cm high.

Many customisation options

Different people have different requirements in terms of support. Even if you don't sit in a hygiene chair for long, the chair may need to be adapted to the user's individual needs. We've created options for individual adaptation in many different ways, by making the Swift Mobil-2 more adjustable and developing a range of new accessories. And the chair's maximum user weight has been increased to 160 kg as standard, so it can be used by more people.

Height- and width-adjustable armrests

The height/width of the armrests can be adjusted by 6 cm. Simply by loosening a few screws and turning them, you can set different widths and heights to meet the desired requirements. For taller/shorter, smaller/larger users, for use with or without soft seat, or if you need to adjust the width on one side only. With the new armrests, everything is possible.


Learn more about how to adjust the armrests in our video

How to: Adjust armrests width/height on Swift Mobil-2




As well as height- and width-adjustable armrests as standard, we now have an XL back which comes with the adjustable armrests. This makes the back ideal for people with broad shoulders or who need more width between the armrests.

Can be made up to 12 cm wider!       

That makes the distance between armrests 60 cm

Backrest is easy to adjust

Swift Mobil's soft, quick-drying backrest has always been a popular feature. It can be adjusted quickly and easily using 3 velcro straps, 2 of which are crossed. The backrest can easily be adjusted to accommodate curvature of the spine or other special needs, whilst at the same time providing effective lumbar support.

Multi-adjustable headrest

There are now 2 ties on the backrest that go around the handle so the backrest never slips down and the headrest can be adjusted easily without affecting the backrest.

The multi-adjustable headrest can be adjusted to a wide variety of different heights and depths and can also be laterally adjusted.

Comfortably support

Imagine what it feels like, to walk barefoot in the sand. The sand moulds to the arch of your foot, giving you a comfortable feeling of support. Similarly, Swift Mobil's footrests are rounded and comfortably support the arch of the foot. In addition, the footrests are curved at the sides to prevent the foot from sliding down and potentially getting caught in the front wheels. The height of the legrest can be adjusted by 15 cm and we now also offer a new legrest which is 10 cm shorter. For those who require an extra short legrest support, combined with a higher soft cushion, for example.

Simple height adjustment

Clearly, being able to adjust the height of the chair easily is important, even if it's not adjusted very often. You may need to adjust the height to accommodate a high toilet, for example, or to adjust it to the height of the carer if they need to manoeuvre the chair and provide assistance. To solve this problem, the Swift Mobil-2 has a height adjustment facility on both sides, which is undone and the height is then raised or lowered. Simple and user friendly without the need for tools, and only 2 places to adjust. In addition, the height adjustment facility is curved to provide maximum product stability at all heights.

Simple tilting from the side makes the user feel safe

A tilt in space chair is used to give the user a greater sense of security or to aid with transfers. The tilted position makes it easier for the user to get into the right position in the chair without unnecessary additional lifting. Tilting can also be used to facilitate care tasks e.g. when showering. Many people find tilting difficult but it really doesn't need to be. It can be simple and it can be performed with a high degree of precision and control. In the Swift Mobil Tilt-2 we have chosen a solution that makes it possible to tilt the chair from the side, on either the right or the left. It's simple to do and you have the ultimate  level of control. Another advantage is that you can see how the user is responding and can easily reassure them when needed. Being able to maintain eye contact with the carer while tilting the chair makes the user feel safe.

Simple, user-friendly solutions

We've made Swift Mobil-2 simple and user friendly. Carers can push and tilt the chair, lock the wheels, deal with the pan and assist the user without adding any unnecessary strain or discomfort. User-friendly functions, smart, transparent solutions that make the carer's life easier. It's also important that the chair feels clean and pleasant for the user. For example, our pan has a special splash guard which breaks the flow, preventing splashback to the skin. So simple, yet so effective.

To conclude

In a nutshell: there are very few products on the market that have been thought out and designed  in such specific  detail! If you want a mobile shower commode chair that satisfies both the user's need for comfort and safety and the carer's need for good ergonomic posture, then the Swift Mobil-2 is for you!