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Etac proudly presents Molift EvoSling

02. Oct. 2015.

Our everyday slings offer great comfort and flexibility. Molift EvoSlings are developed in collaboration with caregivers and users to meet the high demands on functionality, comfort and safety. In order to facilitate transfers, the slings are comfortable for the user, functional and easy to work with for the caregiver.

EvoSling’s standard models; HighBack, MediumBack and LowBack fit most users and solves most transfer solutions. There are also additional models designed with specials features to meet specific needs including the EvoSling Hygiene and EvoSling Ampu.


 EvoSling Highback                   EvoSling MediumBack              EvoSling LowBack         


EvoSling Hygiene                     EvoSling Ampu MediumBack         EvoSling Comfort MediumBack



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Etac also offer Molift RgoSling, our premium slings, ergonomically designed for maximum comfort also offer excellent flexibility.
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