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Etac R82 to educate with effective in-bed and sit-to-stand solutions at OTAC Exeter

30. Apr. 2019.

We will be hosting free presentations at OTAC Exeter featuring products from our award-winning portfolio. Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference. Exeter Racecourse, 1st May 2019. Stand 12

David Wilson from Etac will be hosting educational presentations entitled:

'Latest techniques to achieve effective sit-to-stand transfers'

Stand 12. 12:30 and 13:30. Demonstrations will feature the Molift Raiser Pro.


David Wilson demonstrating


Etac R82 is a proven specialist in standing and in-bed solutions that assist carers and semi-ambulant users. Through advanced Scandinavian design and ergonomics, the equipment it manufacturers promotes moving and handling best practice and safety for vulnerable individuals. The Etac R82 exhibition stand at OTAC will feature several examples from its award-winning range including Immedia SatinSheets, 4WayGlide and Molift Raiser Pro products.

SatinSheets are a specialist bed sheet system that reduces friction when moving a patient in bed; lowering the risk of pressure sores for patients and reducing musculoskeletal injuries for carers. The Immedia 4WayGlide is an advanced in-bed sheet system to aid with moving severely immobile patients.

In terms of Etac standing aids, the recently launched Molift Raiser Pro is the latest generation of the respected sit-to-stand transfer solution which provides safe and active movement for disabled users. Considerately designed, the Raiser Pro has raised the bar in terms of active standing transfers within care homes, hospitals and domestic environments. It is championing earlier immobilisation, faster rehabilitation and greater engagement.

With the assistance of a carer, product users are able to stand safely with confidence through an advanced ergonomic and intuitive design. Extensive R&D has resulted in a product that supports natural body movement either with equal mobility in all limbs or partial strength in some. This means physiotherapy programmes can be enhanced when choosing the Molift Raiser Pro resulting in improved sitting and standing capabilities.