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MultiGlide Single Patient Use

12. Aug. 2015.

The MultiGlide Single Patient Use (SPU) is a low friction, thin tubular or open slide sheet used to reduce friction when positioning/lifting in bed or transferring a patient between bed and wheelchair, operating table, scanner or x-ray machine.

The MultiGlide SPU comes in its own sealed polythene bag and is issued from a dispenser. The product is for single patient use but can be used by the same user multiple times. The MultiGlide SPU should be removed after use. It comes with a drawstring polythene bag to store by the patient when not in use. 

Features and Benefits

  • Central Dispenser for maximum accessibility
  • Each MultiGlide SPU is sealed in a bag, reducing the risk of infection associated with cross contamination
  • It is always at hand as it is stored in the patients own SPU polythene bag
  • Disposable so there are no laundry costs
  • Radiolucent so x-rays can penetrate with a minimum of absorption

MultiGlide SPU offers a unique solution for all transfer or repositioning situations.

Available in a range of sizes. Prices start from £4.26 per unit.

Contact Customer Services on 0121 561 2222 option 2 for more information.


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