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New accessories for the Molift Raiser Pro

We are delighted to announce the launch of 2 new accessories for the Molift Raiser Pro sit to stand platform – the Raiser Pro Block and Heel Strap.

Molift Raiser Pro Block

The Molift Raiser Pro Block can be used when the user needs a higher foot position. The block is placed onto the Molift Raiser Pro baseplate and raises the height by 9 cm. No fastening is needed as it fits directly on the baseplate.

It is ideal for those shorter in height.

Molift Raiser Pro Heel Strap

The Heel Strap can be used for Molift Raiser Pro users who need support to keep their feet in the correct position. The Heel Strap is mounted on the Raiser Pro knobs and provides the user’s heels with support when standing on the base plate.

Have a look at our new Molift Raiser Pro brochure and find more information on our website.