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My-Loo raised toilet seat with fixed mounting belongs to a whole new generation of smart products that we call Next Level. By setting the highest requirements on everything from safety and comfort to adaptability and ease of installation, we can present a range that offers innovative, unique solutions.

My-Loo fixed enables users with reduced mobility or balance problems to manage toilet visits independently and safely. The raised seat and stable armrests make it easier to sit down and stand up from the toilet. My-Loo with fixed mounting is available with or without armrests and in seat heights of 2, 6 and 10 cm.

With this new product series, we quite simply take toilet aids to a new level. ‘Design drives development’ has always been our guiding principle, and we are convinced that Etac My-Loo will help users and prescribers to create new possibilities.

Patented arm support solution

Etac My-Loo’s innovative arm support feature has an entirely unique height-adjustment mechanism. In addition, the armrests can be conveniently folded up and down with no pinching risk for the user. This patented solution provides optimal individualised support around the toilet.

Spacious and practical

Generous recesses and an extra-large seat
opening provide excellent accessibility.

The raised toilet seat’s design, with free
space around the seat, provides plenty of
room for all body shapes.

Safe and comfortable

With stable, easy-grip armrests and a well-designed seat, My-Loo makes toilet visits safe and comfortable for the user. For extra comfort, a soft seat can be added.

Simple, convenient installation

Etac My-Loo is installed quickly and easily using an innovative new solution. Practical, quick-nuts make it possible to attach the raised toilet seat from above. The seat and armrests can then be clicked smoothly into their brackets.

Simple installation

Learn more about how Etac My-Loo fixed is installed quickly and easily from above

Adjustable armrests

Learn more about how the My-Loo armrests can be adapted for the best support.