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Praise for the Etac Clean!

The Etac Clean provided the perfect solution for one family looking for a compact, simple, and easy to manoeuvre shower commode chair.

Najma Kazi recently purchased an Etac Clean for her mum. She was looking for a shower commode chair that was compact, simple, and easy to manoeuvre.

Mahesh, one of our Area Sales Managers, visited Najma and her mum to assess the suitability of the Etac Clean. It worked well for them and based on Mahesh’s subsequent quote, Najma purchased the Etac Clean 49cm (seat height) which included a heat-reflecting soft seat with a non-slip surface for additional comfort and a commode pan with lid.

She advised that “the package was delivered promptly and the first thing to say is that on unpacking I was able to get the chair upstairs on my own without undue exertion”. 


Compact and easy to manoeuvre

After using the Etac Clean for a week, Najma reported that it scored well with her mum, family and carers. “It's a hit because it is roomy for mum to sit on in comfort (with the seat cushion), yet it is compact and is very easy to manoeuvre smoothly with mum in it” while moving in and out of the bathroom and bedroom. The wide handle makes it easy to operate and its upright position, makes it fit over even wall-mounted toilets.

Najma was pleased “to use equipment that seems designed to work in an ordinary house with narrow passageways that have to be negotiated to get from one room to the next”. She has found it “frustrating when vital disability aids are awkward to manage in a domestic setting”. The foot support can be pushed under the seat when not in use to save space. Family and carers “also appreciate being able to easily remove the side-arms as and when needed for sideways transfers”. 

Thank you

“Thank you so much for visiting us in order to assess the suitability of the chair. Your visit with your demo model clinched it for us in helping us to make our decision. It's hard to judge the suitability of any such items unless we as customers can see them in our home setting.” 

“Given that we are heading towards a second lockdown in a few days I am so relieved that mum has a shower chair that works for us. Thank you again for helping us to make our decision.”

Thank you to Najma Kazi - daughter of an Etac Clean user for her feedback.

Clean Options

The Etac Clean is available in 44, 49, 55 and 60 cm seat heights and there is also a Comfort, Height Adjustable and Self-propel version.

Arrange a Visit

Our team continue to carry out assessments and demonstrations during the current lockdown. Should you need an assessment or demonstration, please contact our customer service team:

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