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Single Handed Care Solutions at Moving and Handling People 2016

Etac was able to provide health care delegates with solutions for improved efficiency and safer techniques in a moving and handling setting

Etac, a specialist in world-class healthcare solutions, was a sponsor Moving and Handling People 2016 in association with the Disabled Living Foundation. (2-3 February 2016)

Etac, offers a wide range of impressive Scandinavian moving and handling solutions. Its premier range of brands include Molift hoists and slings, Immedia manual transfer, Etac manual wheelchairs, bathing and daily living aids and R82 paediatric equipment.

The CPD accredited conference focused on providing health care delegates with solutions for improved efficiency and safer techniques in a moving and handling setting. Etac successfully showcased highly regarded and innovative manual transfer solutions, including the Molift Raiser and Molift Smart 150, which provide maximum safety to care-givers and safety, comfort and increased wellbeing for users.

Etac’s Immedia manual handling products, such as its SatinSheet and 4WayGlide in-bed systems, were also well received in the “Moving and Handling in single-handed care situations” workshop demonstrations. The interactive workshop heard delegates further discuss pressures on social care budgets and the need to solve the “bed blocking” crisis in the NHS.

Andrew King, Etac Sales Manager, explains, “As local authorities are increasingly searching for improved cost efficiency, Single Handed Care was an important topic at Moving and Handling People. Studies show that in 40% of reviewed cases, appropriate safe techniques and the correct equipment allows the number of carers required for routine tasks to be reduced. In doing so, budgets can be efficiently utilised. Financial savings can be transferred to provide care for another user, for example, or enable a patient to be cared for at home rather than in hospital.”

The popular Molift Raiser, which effectively transfers people from a seated to a standing position, attracted much show attention from delegates.

Andrew King elaborates, “At Etac, we have many relevant and helpful products based around Single Handed Care including the Molift Raiser. Our products offer solutions that ensure safety and comfort, through efficient ease of use for both care staff and users. We further support healthcare professionals with free product workshops and our trained staff are available for joint visits in the community to work with therapists, carers and families.”

Follow the link for further information on how The Molift Raiser enables safer moving and handling: