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Ian's pressure ulcer improved in only 2 weeks using the StarLock air cell cushion

Ian had to spend hours every day on bed rest due to a grade 4 pressure ulcer which wouldn't heal. When he started to use the StarLock air cell cushion, the pressure ulcer started to improve after only 2 weeks.

“My name is Ian Lamb, I'm 58 years of age. At the age of 50 I had a Spinal Cord Injury. My level is C5/6 incomplete. I am paralyzed from the chest downwards. I am a full-time wheelchair user. Over the last eight years I have had a lot of problems with pressure sores* on my bum. I have tried many cushions, but none of them helped with pressure relief.

I then had the opportunity to try a StarLock Cushion. The difference almost straight away, compared to previous cushions, more comfortable, it even allowed part of the cushion to deflate to help my problem area. Easy to deflate in any area of the cushion. Best of all my sores* have gone. Anyone with a similar situation to mine, I fully recommend the StarLock Cushion.”

"My bum (bottom) is like my feet and the cushion is like my shoes, the cushion has to work.” 

Read the full Read the full StarLock case report which was prepared by Jo McConnell Occupational Therapist and Education Manager for Etac.


 * Pressure sore is the same as pressure ulcer