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Molift Stretcher

Flexible scoop stretcher ideal for horizontal hoisting situations.

Flexible and easy to use

Molift Stretcher is a flexible scoop stretcher for hospitals and institutions. It is designed for horizontal transfers and when sling hoisting is considered inappropriate due to medical condition. It is an optimal solution for transfer of clients who are comatose or sedated, as well as clients with suspected spinal injuries and/or multiple fractures.

Ideal for ermergency care

In combination with Molift standard 4-point sling bar, it is ideal for emergency care needs, when time is decisive and the patient has limited mobility. Molift Stretcher can be divided in two parts in length and is therefore easy to place under the client.

Molift Stretcher has five handles along each side, which provides a manual hoisting alternative from the floor and allows horizontal and lateral transfer between beds and surfaces.

Pick your country below to find the nearest Etac distributor.

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Pick your country below to find the nearest Etac distributor.

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Unique patented design

Unique patented design

The scoop design makes moving the client safe and efficient all the way; from admittance to the emergency ward, to X-ray, CT, MRI and surgery table.

Easy to open and lock

Easy to open and lock

The specially designed locking system, is easily opened when unloaded and completely locked when loaded.

Low total weight

Low total weight

Molift Stretcher has a total weight of only 14,5kg (32lbs) and is very easy to carry.

Many possible uses

Many possible uses

Molift Stretcher is designed to give as little shadow as possible and is compatible with X-ray, CT as well as MRI.


198 cm


12.6 cm


63 cm


14.5 kg

Maximum user weight

300 kg


Plastic composite body Stainless
steel locks

Washing instructions

Washing instructions

Can be wiped off. Clean/disinfect the product using a standard non-abrasive cleaning agent with a pH between 5 and 9, or with a 70% disinfectant solution.

Molift Stretcher Item no.
- Molift Stretcher MRI 2150108

Set of safety belts

We recommend the use of safety belts. Set of 3 pcs for each Molift Stretcher.

Description Item no.
3 pcs 2150355

Set of hoisting loops

Standard hoisting straps.

Description Item no.
4 pcs 2150357

Set of hoisting loop with retractor

Optional hoisting straps with auto retractors that hide and protects the straps after release. Only for use with Molift Stretcher standard.

Description Item no.
Set of hoisting loop with retractor 2150356

EC Declaration of conformity

DoC Molift Stretcher