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Molift RgoSling Amputee

Extra safety with the built-in waist belt

Narrow opening for increased safetyMolift RgoSling Amputee provides the additional support necessary for hoisting and transferring users with impaired muscle tone or amputated limbs.The RgoSling Amputee has an anatomical cut and padding that provides exceptional support through the entire hoist and transfer situation. The leg parts are divided, and have extra length for application under both legs. Additional straps to avoid the legs from sliding out of position, and therefore helping the confidence of the patient.Available in Highback and MediumBackMolift RgoSling Amputee HighBack provides additional support for users with reduced trunk tone and head stability. The sling can be used for hoisting to and from horizontal and sitting positions.

Pick your country below to find the nearest Etac distributor.

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Pick your country below to find the nearest Etac distributor.

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Extra trunk support

Extra trunk support

The waist belt with double belt-buckles and anti-slip material on the inside, provides extra trunk support for patients with reduced muscle tone and stability.

Flip up labelling system

Flip up labelling system

Clear and visible information for everyday need. Maintenance information flips up behind the main label.

Two options

Two options

Available in HighBack and MediumBack.

Recommended user weight

XXS: 12–17 kg
XS: 17–25 kg
S: 25–50 kg
M: 45–95 kg
L: 90–165 kg
XL: 160–240 kg
XXL: 230–300 kg

Maximum user weight

300 kg


Polyster, PE-cellfoam

Cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection

Washing at higher temperatures wears out the material faster. The sling must be inspected regularly, preferably prior to each lifting operation but especially after it has been washed. Make sure not to damage or remove labels when cleaning.

Molift RgoSling Amputee Item no.
- MediumBack, XXS 1721100
- MediumBack, XS 1721110
- MediumBack, S 1721120
- MediumBack, M 1721130
- MediumBack, L 1721140
- MediumBack, XL 1721150
- MediumBack, XXL 1721160
- HighBack, XXS 1721200
- HighBack, XS 1721210
- HighBack, S 1721220
- HighBack, M 1721230
- HighBack, L 1721240
- HighBack, XL 1721250
- HighBack, XXL 1721260

Molift storage system

The Molift Sling Storage System is a useful product for storing and presenting your Molift Slings in a professional way!

Description Item no.
Molift Storage System 3030700

Molift RgoSling Extension loops

For loop extension 10, 20 or 30cm. Order two for a complete pair.

Description Item no.

Molift Strap Marker

For marking a selected hoisting loop for head or leg support hoisting straps.

Description Item no.
Strap Marker 1723600

User manual

Molift RgoSling Amputee User Manual



Periodic inspection

PI140001 Periodic Inspection Slings Rev B

EC Declaration of conformity

DoC Molift Accessories

EC Declaration of conformity

DoC Molift RgoSling_EvoSling_Ampu