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Molift Quick Raiser 2

Sit-to-stand hoist with electrically adjustable leg base

Stable and easy to manoeuvre

Molift Quick Raiser 2 with electrically adjustable leg base is compact, stable and easy to manoeuvre. The unique wheel position and near perfect weight distribution of the base provides a good turning radius and easy manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces.

Fits almost everywhere

The inclined straight column imitates the natural pattern of movement and fullfils the hoisting needs of users with some degree of weight bearing capacity. Molift Quick Raiser 2 has a safe working load of 160 kg (352 lbs).

The low base, 10 cm (4”), fits under most beds and chairs while the electrically adjustable legs enables accessibility almost everywhere.

Pick your country below to find the nearest Etac distributor.

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Pick your country below to find the nearest Etac distributor.

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Electrically adjustable legs

Electrically adjustable legs

The perfect alternative when the hoist is used together with chairs with no accessibility underneath, such as electric wheelchairs and recliners.

Multiple adjustable knee pads

Multiple adjustable knee pads

The knee pads are height adjustable and can be turned around for better fitting and to give alternative support for the legs.

Battery indicator

Battery indicator

All Molift hoists have an integrated battery indicator that provides audio and visual notification. All Molift hoists are equipped with an environmentally friendly NiMH-battery.

Unique wheel positioning

Unique wheel positioning

The lightweight construction combined with the unique wheel positioning, provides exceptional maneuverability.


36 kg

Chassis width

610 mm


115 cm

Leg height

100 mm


NiMH 14.4 V - 2.2 Ah.

Battery charge time, hours


Hoisting speed 75kg

50 mm/sek.

Rated performance

40 hoists at: 75 kg and 500 mm

Service software



Chassis, column, knee support and respective V- or U-shape arm

Maximum user weight

160 kg


Aluminium, steel

Washing instructions

Washing instructions

Can be wiped off. Clean/disinfect the product using a standard non-abrasive cleaning agent with a pH between 5 and 9, or with a 70% disinfectant solution.

Molift Quick Raiser 2 Item no.
- V-shape arm M04200
- U-shape arm M04400

Molift Quick Raiser adjustable footboard

Footboard for adjusting the height of Molift Quick Raiser foot base, ideal for users of smaller height or children. SWL: 75kg (165 lbs)

Description Item no.
Adjustable footboard 0451000

Molift Mover 180 - Battery

NiMH 14.4 V – 2.2 Ah

Description Item no.
Battery 0541000


Designed to ensure the feet are held in place during hoisting.

Description Item no.
S 0452100
M 0452200
L 0452300

Extra Soft Pads for knee support

For patients with extra sensitive legs

Description Item no.
S 0455111
L 0455114

Optional V-shape Arm

Easy to use and fits most users.

Description Item no.
Optional V-shape Arm 0458107

Optional U-shape Arm

Has more space between the attachment points for the sling.

Description Item no.
Optional U-shape Arm 0458010

Optional Molift Quick Raiser Knee Support Small

Description Item no.
Quick Raiser 1, S 0455000
Quick Raiser 2 & 2+, S 0455012

Optional Molift Quick Raiser Knee Support Large

Description Item no.
Quick Raiser 1, L 0455001
Quick Raiser 2 & 2+, L 0455011

Molift Battery Charger

The charger can be placed on the wall or on a tabletop. It provides optimal charging, and alter automatically between our different sizes of battery packs. Charges NiMH battery packs, item no 0541000 (14,4V) and 1341100 (26,4V).

User manual

Quick Raiser 1,2,2+ User Manual EN