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Webinar - Perspectives on standing

Torsdag 17. januar avholder vi webinaret Let’s think about it - Perspectives on the use of standing frames.

I webinaret presenteres ulike perspektiver innen bruk av ståstativer, og hvordan barnets funksjoner, evne til å utføre aktiviteter og deltakelse påvirkes.

Dato og tid: Torsdag 17. juni kl. 11:00-12:00

Språk: Engelsk

Pris: Gratis

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Content and webinar description

Standing frames are widely used and well-accepted as part of the healthcare interventions for children with disability. The use of standing frames often has several indications with the expectation that the intervention is able to impact the child’s body functions, ability to perform activities and to participate.

Documenting the effectiveness of the interventions using standing frames is complex and the best available scientific evidence makes it difficult to make strong conclusions about potential effects. When applying an evidence-based approach the healthcare professional must also consider their experiences and the preferences of the user and families to ensure making the best possible decision in regard to the use of standing frames.

In this webinar an evidence-based approach is used to present examples of perspectives relevant to consider and the participants is encouraged to think about and share their experiences.

Learning objectives - After the webinar participants will be able to:
- Explain at least three perspectives important to consider when claiming an evidence-based approach to the use of standing devices.
- List at least three suggested effects of the use of standing frames